Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fascist Bureau of the Internet

Well, given my absence, I had pre-uploaded a plethora of my files to Mediafire to be able to consistently write new posts to make up for the lost time. Though my files are still up, I don't really see the point in linking them now. If they've already got Tony and ZoSo))) it's only a matter of time before they come for mine. I'll be jumping ship to RapidShare instead for all future links, as they currently appear to be the only half-decent share site that aren't the Feds' bitch right now. EDIT: Link removed since it didn't work anyway.

Isn't it great that all the murderers, rapists, paedophiles, terrorists, mobsters, thieves, thugs and pimps are now all behind bars so that Team America World Police can focus on us true criminals? It disgusts me that they're able to shelve SOPA/PIPA in the name of "democracy" and then start this bullshit witch hunt, based on a fucking idiot like Kim Dotcom being a career dickhead. So what if the man is a crook? His business is legitimate, arrest him and leave MegaUpload in the hands of someone that doesn't look like they stink of cheetos and sweat. It's takedown sets a dangerous precedent, and one that has obviously already taken a ravaging toll on our community.

Whatever, the Gestapo's US branch can throw it's weight around all it wants but we will prevail. Every time the 1% shit their briefcases over something like this it only ever paves the way for something they deem even worse. Remember taping things off the radio? That totally crippled the industry didn't it.

The churches never wanted peasants to have access to movable print either.


ZoSo))) said...

Couldn't have put it any better mate. Your link directs me to a mediafire page with nothing on it though...

Claypool said...

Ah it's supposed to be a list of all my files. It was proving difficult now that the site is all flash-based and pretty much all under one URL. I thought I had it but I guess I could only see them cos I was logged in. Nevermind.