Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fascist Bureau of the Internet

Well, given my absence, I had pre-uploaded a plethora of my files to Mediafire to be able to consistently write new posts to make up for the lost time. Though my files are still up, I don't really see the point in linking them now. If they've already got Tony and ZoSo))) it's only a matter of time before they come for mine. I'll be jumping ship to RapidShare instead for all future links, as they currently appear to be the only half-decent share site that aren't the Feds' bitch right now. EDIT: Link removed since it didn't work anyway.

Isn't it great that all the murderers, rapists, paedophiles, terrorists, mobsters, thieves, thugs and pimps are now all behind bars so that Team America World Police can focus on us true criminals? It disgusts me that they're able to shelve SOPA/PIPA in the name of "democracy" and then start this bullshit witch hunt, based on a fucking idiot like Kim Dotcom being a career dickhead. So what if the man is a crook? His business is legitimate, arrest him and leave MegaUpload in the hands of someone that doesn't look like they stink of cheetos and sweat. It's takedown sets a dangerous precedent, and one that has obviously already taken a ravaging toll on our community.

Whatever, the Gestapo's US branch can throw it's weight around all it wants but we will prevail. Every time the 1% shit their briefcases over something like this it only ever paves the way for something they deem even worse. Remember taping things off the radio? That totally crippled the industry didn't it.

The churches never wanted peasants to have access to movable print either.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A quick heads up

The posts that me and Tony have put up will be dead. Mediafire have removed all of our files due to an upcoming FBI inspection. We'll try and continue in some sort of fashion. Can't really say what it'll be at the minute though. Looks like we're going to be reduced to ripping cd-rs for each other again.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ufomammut - Idolum

Although I've always dug what I'd heard of Ufomammut, I'd never really taken the time to get into them until I heard the opening track from this album; Stigma.

To set the scene, myself, ZoSo))) and a mutual friend are smoking the evening away on a cold Sunday, holed up in ZoSo)))'s attic listening to decent tunes. Quite far into the evening we're hella stoned and our friend, who shall be referred to here as Gary Tadgers asks ZoSo))) put "that band we had on yesterday" on. His request is granted and the next thing my ears are treated to is one of the greatest, meanest opening riffs I've ever heard. I'm hooked on the dirge from the get go, and once the electronics give way to bass, it only gets better.

And then the proper riff drops, and I have not stopped listening to it since.

Movie Reviews By ZoSo)))

This is a new feature that may stay or go by the wayside like every other feature I've ever tried to start.

I'm starting with a film that I watched last night whilst in a state called The Acid House. I read the information prior to committing and it sounded up my alley - "Three twisted tales of abuse, drugs, displaced personalities and insect life."

The first part was about a young Scottish chap down on his luck. He get's pissed and meets God. Oh wait hang on. Yeah that's right, he meets God. God isn't all too keen on the lad and then turns him into a fly and then the rest of the part is about him going around as a fly. Try to imagine the sheer look of disbelief on my baked face.

The second part was about a young Scottish chOH FUCKING HELL. Really?! I don't know man. I know it's based in Scotland and that but I don't know what they are going on about. The guy get's married and then another man has a sledgehammer? But then the other man dances to a Bowie track with no clothes on and then fucks the other guy's wife. Often.

The third part is starting and all I can think about is how much I want to go to sleep, but I've got through this far. There is a lad and a lass and they go to the pub, the lad takes one tab of acid and then starts going on some trip. No. It's time for bed, never mind the end.

A pile of end of the 90's youth culture garbage. You might think I am way off the mark and this stands up against Trainspotting or something. All I can say to you is that you are wrong.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Comso's Factory

To be honest with you guys, I've been really waiting for a slice of inspiration before I posted something. Nothing has really been grabbing me lately.
Cosmo's Factory by CCR is pretty much the only thing I listen to. I've taken to drinking white russians with kaluha and pretending I'm the dude. How about that? You didn't expect me to try tell you about CCR did you?

Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn

Elu Of The Nine

Yes, my hordes of fans, I am indeed still alive. I'm sorry for leaving you unattended for so long. Only really just stopped partying from christmas/new year.
Anyway. On with the music. This one is a request from Gwraspe, who has lost all of his music. Drone doom from Salem, released on the ever fantastic Woodsmoke records. If you pass this up then you have missed out my friend.


Monday, 23 January 2012

This Is Menace - The Scene Is Dead

For those unfamiliar, This Is Menace are a hardcore band formed by Mark Clayden and Jason Bowld after the dissolution of their previous band; industrial legends Pitchshifter. Their shtick is that they have a fuck-ton of vocalists, mostly from other bands within the UK alternative scene, each adding their own flavour to each song. This album features Jeff Walker, Barney Greenway, Paul Catten, Mikee Goodman, Jaz Coleman, JS Clayden and plenty more, I'm sure you know how to use Wikipedia if you must know more. Perhaps most surprisingly is Charlie from Busted's song (yes, he is on a song) is actually awesome, as is his vocal delivery. He has failed to do anything good ever again since.

Oh yeah, the last track is also musically identical to Charlie's, but with different lyrics and vocals. Lazy fuckers.