Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Movie Reviews By ZoSo)))

This is a new feature that may stay or go by the wayside like every other feature I've ever tried to start.

I'm starting with a film that I watched last night whilst in a state called The Acid House. I read the information prior to committing and it sounded up my alley - "Three twisted tales of abuse, drugs, displaced personalities and insect life."

The first part was about a young Scottish chap down on his luck. He get's pissed and meets God. Oh wait hang on. Yeah that's right, he meets God. God isn't all too keen on the lad and then turns him into a fly and then the rest of the part is about him going around as a fly. Try to imagine the sheer look of disbelief on my baked face.

The second part was about a young Scottish chOH FUCKING HELL. Really?! I don't know man. I know it's based in Scotland and that but I don't know what they are going on about. The guy get's married and then another man has a sledgehammer? But then the other man dances to a Bowie track with no clothes on and then fucks the other guy's wife. Often.

The third part is starting and all I can think about is how much I want to go to sleep, but I've got through this far. There is a lad and a lass and they go to the pub, the lad takes one tab of acid and then starts going on some trip. No. It's time for bed, never mind the end.

A pile of end of the 90's youth culture garbage. You might think I am way off the mark and this stands up against Trainspotting or something. All I can say to you is that you are wrong.


Tony Maim said...

The book was hit and miss, so a film based on it?

i look forward to more reviews - ones you hate are much more entertaining!

ZoSo))) said...

"From the writer of trainspotting"
Aye looking for another pay day. Fuck this film.
Another thing that I hate about this but forgot to put in the review is the fact that I only saw about 3 joints get smoked, 1 get rolled, 2 people doing poppers and 1 lad take 1 tab of acid. Hardly the big drugs fest it was made out to be was it? It's called the acid house for fuck sake, it can only be about 3 things, drugs, murder or dance music.

I can imagine that the only reviews I will do will be of films that I hate.

Claypool said...

Hahaha I shan't bother with this one then!

ZoSo))) said...

Definitely don't mate. Just watch Trainspotting and actually enjoy it instead.