Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Årabrot - Solar Anus (2011)

This was produced by Steve Albini and has all his trademarks - loud, abrasive and live sounding.

Årabrot mix up Jesus Lizard type song structures with Melvins style sludge and then stomp over everything with lashings of hardcore.

The vocals range from throat shredding bellowing to screaming and doomy growls and they sit upon a ferocious rhythm section that pound and crash inside your ears.

The guitars are heavy and distorted and lead the songs with off-kilter riffs that seem on the verge of imploding into sonic chaos but always deliver a tune that makes me want to pick up a knife and start stabbing strangers.


Claypool said...

Thanks for this Tony I fucking love Arabrot!

Tony Maim said...

All the thanks I need will be when that counter reaches 1,000 and I can watch the promised topless webcam show!

Claypool said...

1000 likes on Facebook Tony, not 1000 hits. Niggas gotta wannit!

Tony Maim said...

I thought it seemed all very casual.

ZoSo))) said...

Shit man I was getting myself all geared up for it