Monday, 7 November 2011

Makoto Kawabata - AMT CD 001

This is from the Acid Mothers Temple Gold Disc series and finds the
AMT leader, Makato Kawabata in solo mode with two long tracks of
improvised guitar explorations.

Lots of drones, multi layered reverb, distortion, feedback and drifting
harmonics. Unlike, say, Merzbow - these tracks are quite tuneful in their
direction and have an ambient feel that really engages.

In the film "2001", there are several long passages with a choir producing
these eerie moans and groans and Kawabata has massed his guitars to sound
like this - in my head anyway! - in fact, this could be a soundtrack to a battered
old hulk of a space freighter, slowly drifting and slowly breaking up as it gets
pulled into a black hole at the end of the universe.


ZoSo))) said...

Sounds really good. Will definitely be checking this one out!
I'm quite into AMT, amazing live band

Claypool said...

Aye I'm keen to hear this too, nice post.