Monday, 21 November 2011

Pig Destroyer/Miles Davis

Having suddenly been captured by the terrifying beauty of Grind, I wanted to post something but hesitated because I am still exploring various bands and I would hate to put up an album that everyone else more knowledgeable than me hates or will deride as being an awful example.

Looking through the Pig Destroyer releases, I was interested by "Natasha" - a 35 minute track of slow doom, laden with atmospherics, sounding more like Godflesh or early Melvins rather than the grind they are known for. Hearing voices and music in my head constantly might make my mental breakdowns a strain on my life but this time it has worked to my advantage - I could hear that the Miles Davis track "Gondwana" was at the right speed to overdub in places on top of the Pig Destroyer track.

I give you one epic track of grindjazz.

Experimental? ....... Maybe.
Easy listening? ....... I hope not.


Claypool said...

Great idea man, can't wait to check this out.

word nerd said...

cool cover

Claypool said...

This is excellent Tony they sync up really well. I love how when one lulls the other kicks in.