Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music For The Mind And Body

I was turned onto Country Joe McDonald and his musical genius by a friend in a local pub around a year ago. I promptly got the entire back catalogue of Country Joe and the Fish and was taken in. At the time I guess it would have been called Acid Rock by people who had never taken acid before. I'm not saying there was no acid consumption, mind you. What we now know as Psychedelic Rock is exactly this record. None of the folkier stuff that goes along with Mr McDonald, just 11 tracks of Psych/Garage goodness. Well maybe SOME folk. Geez.

Close your eyes, pretend you've just been drafted to 'nam, light up something nice for your lungs and hate the government.



Tony Maim said...

300 years ago, when I was a fresh faced punk and thought I knew everything about music (of course, now I do!), I asked someone what the fuck was this Psych shit he was talking about!

He gave me this to listen to - a fantastic starting point which lead me to many other discovery's.

ZoSo))) said...

I was shocked at how good it was to be honest. I never had the guy down as liking anything like this, he's right into his folk.

Absolutely fantastic record though