Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Melvins - (a) Senile Animal

We were supposed to be going to see Melvins tonight. But because the driver had double booked to go and see James on the same night (fucking JAMES..."whoah sit down next to me" James, fucking horseshit) we are instead just going to sit huddled, crying over pictures of Dale Crover while Colossus of Destiny plays in it's entirety repeatedly in the background. Probably. Well I know I am.

This is the first album they released with Jared and Coady from Big Business, and in all honesty is probably my favourite Melvins release of all time. As quirky as is traditional for this band, the songs are all still catchy as hell, and the album is pretty much riff after riff after riff. The dual-vocals of Buzz and Jared make for some awesome strained-sounding harmonies, whilst Dale and Coady's double-drumming really adds whole new dimensions to tracks like 'A History of Bad Men' - my favourite of the record. I'd recommend this to newcomers and veterans of Melvins fandom alike.


ZoSo))) said...

Let's get fucking drunk on drugs and gin and listen to every band that is better than James tonight mate.

Tony Maim said...

That is a big fucking list.

This was the 1st Melvins album I ever heard - it was excellent but i did not realise what a huge collection they had until ZoSo))) bullied me into listening to them.

Cheers man!