Monday, 19 December 2011

Greatest Songs Ever Written (1)

ZoSo))) has asked for a compilation of the Greatest Songs Ever Written but as I started to get my list together, I realised that for me, this would be an almost impossible task. Joy Division & Iggy would have to be at least 4-5 songs each. For me, some of the greatest songs ever, have been in the last couple of years by some hardcore bands but how can I put up Touche Amore songs which might not make room for Led Zepp songs?

My answer was to pick songs from within certain genres - this means my compilation will not be one list 70 songs long and require hours of downloading! These are songs that for me, are the greatest and I expect all other lists to differ from mine. I will defend to the death my choices but bear in mind that every song could change next week depending on my mood!

Here goes:

Classic Rock:
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath/Sweet Leaf/Fairies Wear Boots
Uriah Heap - Gypsy
Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic/Peace In Mississippi/Machine Gun/Voodoo Child
Led Zepp - Dazed & Confused/Thank You/Kashmir/No Quarter/When The Levee Breaks
Deep Purple - Highway Star
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda

Sex Pistols - I Wanna Be me/Holidays In The Sun/Submission/EMI
The Clash - Complete Control/Garageland
Damned - New Rose
Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia
Stranglers - Toiler On The Sea/Dagenham Dave
Banshees - Mirage
Subhumans - Religious Wars
Adverts - One Chord Wonders
The Ruts - It Was Cold/Savage Circle
X-Ray Spex - The Day The World Turned Dayglo
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster/Suspect Device
Ramones - Rockaway Beach/We're A Happy Family/Blitzkrieg Bop/53rd & 3rd

Punk Godfathers (Year Zero):
The Stooges - Search & Destroy/Gimmie Danger/Raw Power/Down On The Street/TV Eye/1969/No Fun
The MC5 - Kick Out The Jams/Black To Comm/Gotta Keep Movin'
Velvet Underground - White Light, White Heat/I Heard Her Call My Name, Sister Ray
New York Dolls - Frankenstein
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me

Black Flag - Rise Above/My War/The Swinging Man/Slip It In/Black Coffee/Loose Nut
Cro-Mags - We Gotta Know
D.R.I. - Mad Man
Bad Brains - Sailin' On
Discharge - Never Again
Husker Du - Something I Learned Today/Turn On The News/New Day Rising
Poison Idea - Plastic Bomb
Refused - Worms Of The Senses

Quite Heavy:
Melvins - Roman Bird Dog/Blood Witch
Electric Wizard - We Hate You/Funeralopolis
Supercontinent - Earthrise/Nebula
Killing Joke - Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell/Pandemonium
The Swans - Half Life
Neurosis - Lost

I have run out of time for posting now and doubt that I can put anything else up until the new year but had planned to also include the lists - Post-Hardcore/Noise AmRep/Post-Punk/Misc.

I have no idea what else will appear on these compilations but if you want those other lists, let me know.


ZoSo))) said...

Love the enthusiasm. I'm sat working on mine now. I'm trying desperately to make it as much of a "regular" compilation as possible. And also trying my hardest not to make it all just Creedence Clearwater Revival tracks

Tony Maim said...

It is so hard - every time I think of a track, another ones demands attention. Sorry if I spoiled the "regular" compilation format but we always knew that the geographical situation would throw up un-synced posts!

ZoSo))) said...

Not at all man, I enjoy it. I'm having such a hard time here. Only got 3 songs on it so far, trying to work out how I'm going to do it.

ZoSo))) said...

Your punk comp has brought back a lot of snotty nosed teenage memories for me there like T. 53rd and 3rd specifically.

Tony Maim said...

Snotty nosed is the best way to listen to your first Ramones.

Claypool said...

Just done mine there. I feel your pain Tony! Excellent choices though sir, it's a very familiar feeling list! ;)