Monday, 12 December 2011

It's that time again

Haters Gonna Hate GIF - Haters Gonna Hate

To celebrate getting very quickly to 50 posts on our new blog we have decided to open up our compilations season again. The theme this time is The Greatest Songs Ever Written. Submit your compilations to us via the email address and all of the best ones will be shared on the blog.


Tony Maim said...

Hardest compilation ever! How do you choose! Tempted to just put down "Never Mind the Bollocks" & "Raw Power"...... as they are probably at the top of my best albums ever, does it follow, the songs are the greatest ever written as well?

Tony Maim said...

What kind of deadline are we talking about?

ZoSo))) said...

Oh yeah probably should have set a deadline. Let's set christmas eve as the deadline

Rupert Cook said...

Tried to leave a comment yesterday. Nothing happened it seemed. Apologies if this is the third time of asking but do you have the Candy Ranch single for sale.

You left a comment on my blog a few months back suggesting you did.