Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vanilla Fudge - Psychedelic Sundae

ZoSo))) seems to be wearing his hippy psychedelic hat at the moment, so this collection is for him - but be warned, this is not the whole album - because I am a good guy, I have taken off the drippy, sappy love songs and only kept the tracks which contain guitar wailing or full-on keyboard abuse!


ZoSo))) said...

Excellent! Why I've never previously got into vanilla fudge I'll never know. Since I'm currently rocking 5 channels on my tv this will help tremendously

Claypool said...

My uncle's favourite band of all time, he was invited to one of their recording sessions about 2 years ago after he got talking to them at a gig.

Tony Maim said...

It's good stuff - not mindblowing but full of some good shit nevertheless.