Monday, 5 December 2011

Triggerfinger - All This Dancin' Around

Triggerfinger rule. I hadn't heard them before this year's High Voltage festival but I'm glad we decided to check 'em out, they were a highlight of the entire weekend.

They play that Belgian take on classic/stoner rock but they do it better than the majority of their contemporaries. Unfortunately, whilst still energetic and rockin', the record lacks the impact of their live show. So consider this a taster if you will, and if you like it, go see them on tour with Thin Lizzy and Clutch next year, and let them kick your ass with the power of their sexy rock.


ZoSo))) said...

The album certainly lacks the power of seeing them live. This band can rock the fucking house

Tony Maim said...

I got this the next day - the 4 songs at the end of the set were enough to convince me! Good call about lacking power compared to them live but still worth a listen for anyone curious.